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September 27, 2016

With all the recent news about the FAA finalizing drone regulations, the impending release of the GoPro Karma and the DJI Mavic (Both foldable drones) I wanted to provide an example of what I consider to be a great real estate video using drone footage.

FYI- I plan on doing in-depth videos on drone usage within the next few months, so be on the lookout for new videos on this topic.

I believe for certain types of property, this type of production video will very quickly become expected by most sellers and will certainly drive buyers to your website/social media pages.

In less than one month, Facebook alone is showing over 11,000 views of this video!

The real estate agent is Tara Hayes Smith and the videographer is Jeremiah Oschwald of Beard House Media/Lexington, KY. There’s no perfect video format, but I have gone into some details below on what I liked about this video. Kudos to them because I pretty much liked the entire video and more importantly thought "this will be very effective" when I viewed it on the first day of release. I'm right every now and then. :) 

I realize my list may seem a little clinical at first blush, but hopefully it provides some ideas for you to think about when you are planning your first or even next drone video project. 

Why it's Effective!

:10 Always introduce yourself first in any marketing material. Not every video or tour will work for every buyer, but you always want them to remember you even if they do not make it to the end.

:26 Great visual & imagery.

One of the best days to film drone footage is the day something is happening on the land/ground.

Never forget you are selling a lifestyle so capture the lifestyle! 
Using a Tractor, Riding a Four Wheeler, etc.

:30 Always get to the main points quickly. Tara list the particulars that would be of interest to anyone interested in this type of property.

:38 Remember everyone loves animals!
(This is a fabulous introduction for what comes later)

:40 Another great visual of the tractor in the field.

:48 Provide relevant/additional information along with visuals. Nine ponds!  

:55 The horses earlier in the video are now followed up with the indoor riding area.

1:00-1:12 Took a little extra time to show the apartment/living quarters.

1:28 Highlighting the lifestyle again with close up of tractor.

The best videos are typically combining drone footage with on the ground footage for a complete look at the property or lifestyle.

1:33 Call for action/schedule a showing request by telephone.

1:46 Repeat phone number and provide additional contact information.

Always make it easy for people to contact you utilizing a variety of methods! 


I realize this is just a short list, but using drone footage is a great way to help tell a story. We'll have more ideas in our upcoming drone series later in the year. 

Todd Thornton
Owner- Great Way to Learn/Thornton's Real Estate Academy


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